The Audi Care prepaid maintenance package does indeed cover certain brake-related services during the scheduled maintenance intervals at 15k, 25k, 35k, and 45k miles. During those visits the technicians at our Audi service center in Ontario will give the brakes a through check (inspect system, check for brake pad wear, and check brake fluid levels).

In addition to scheduled maintenance and inspections, Audi Care also includes full brake fluid replacement every two years, regardless of your vehicle's mileage.

Audi Care is a wise investment to go along with your new Audi purchase, and it covers much more than just brake service. It covers countless other maintenance points and procedures, from oil changes and air filters to transmission checks, spark plug replacement, and power steering fluid. And with an Audi Care Plus plan, you'll get additional maintenance and inspection sessions at the 55k, 65k, and 75k milestones.

Does My Audi Qualify for Audi Care?

Audi Care plans are available on new and Certified Pre-Owned Audi vehicles purchased or leased at an authorized US Audi dealer, 2008 model year or newer. Audi Care Plus is available for any Audi Certified Pre-Owned vehicles after the 2007 model year at any mileage, or Audi vehicles that were sold as new or used and have reached 40,000 miles or above.

Audi Care Benefits

Audi Brake Service in Ontario

Whether or not your Audi is covered by Audi Care, brake maintenance or service is never something to put off. If you want to keep your Audi performing at the elite level it's built for, you've got to keep up with brake service. An expertly-engineered, quattro®-capable vehicle like a new Audi just isn't the same if it's having brake issues.

If you sense that your vehicle may need brake repairs, schedule Audi service today to get your brakes inspected and fixed!

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