If you've been looking to sell your Audi, or any other car you own, but have been having a tough time finding someone to buy, our Audi dealer in Ontario can help. We buy used cars at fair prices.

Our online trade-in tool can help you estimate how much your car is worth when you bring it in to us in just two simple steps. Click on a button below to get started.

Why Should Ontario Drivers Sell To Our Audi Dealer?

Traditionally, going through a dealer is by far the quickest and most efficient route to take when selling a car. Selling the car yourself to a private buyer can take weeks, even months, whereas taking it to the dealer will only take a day and you'll have the money on you by the time you leave the building.

While selling the car yourself requires a lot of paperwork and hoops to jump through to take your name off the car, such as title transfers, bill of sale, and any other state-required documents, the dealership will have the paperwork all ready to go and will fill it out for you, leaving you with virtually nothing to do but hand over the keys.

Finally, selling the car yourself and doing all that paperwork carries more liability legally if something were to go wrong with the sale. Any missed steps in the process could result in some trouble down the line if you aren't careful with every aspect of the sale.

If you're looking to trade-in, Ontario drivers can check out our new Audi models for sale to see what catches their eye.

Our Audi dealer also serves Los Angeles, Rancho Cucamonga, and Chino Hills. Contact us today with any further questions about selling your used Audi, or any other vehicle your own to us, and we'll be happy to assist you!