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At our Audi dealer serving the greater Los Angeles area, we are proud of the quality of the vehicles on our lot. Precision and high-level engineering is at the center of every Audi model all the way from early design to manufacturing, and all you have to do is get behind the wheel to feel it.

Even the best of the best can be improved, and Audi is trying to always give you the ride of your life every time you get behind the wheel. Every now and then, Audi issues a recall of your vehicle to ensure that it meets their high standard for quality, performance, and safety. The certified technicians at our Ontario Audi service center can help with getting your car back up and running efficiently.

If a recall is issued for your vehicle, you'll receive a notice in the mail letting you know, and our service department will give you a call if you purchased your vehicle from Audi Ontario. You can stop by to have your recalled part replaced with a quality OEM part or have whatever it is you need adjusted taken care of.

Checking for Existing Audi Recalls

There might be a number of reasons you didn't get a notice that your vehicle had a recall issued, from a change of address to it being a pre-owned vehicle at the time of purchase.

If you didn't receive notice, you can easily check for Audi recalls online. Simply enter your 17-digit vehicle identification number (VIN) to see if there are any existing recalls on your specific model. You will locate the VIN on your vehicle's title, your registration, or a plaque on the driver's side of your dashboard.

Ontario and Los Angeles area drivers can contact our service center online or by giving us a call today. If you have any outstanding recalls, don't hesitate to bring your car in to get back on the road in no time.

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