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John Scholz
General Manager

Kevin Bolden
Sales Manager

Chris Blair
Sales Manager

Jonathan Valdovinos
Audi Brand Specialist

Raquel Hernandez
Audi Brand Specialist

Raymundo Lopez
Audi Brand Specialist

Brandon Clemons
Audi Brand Specialist

Farzy Rashid
Audi Brand Specialist

Shawn Nabi
Audi Brand Specialist

Syed Ali
Audi Brand Specialist

Anthony Lee
Audi Brand Specialist

Elijah Chambers
Audi Brand Specialist

Ian Horn
Audi Brand Specialist

Bochen Zhao
Audi Brand Specialist



Dean Vetricek
Finance Manager

Ernie Chan
Finance Manager

Darrell Clay
Finance Manager



Phil Macias
Service Manager

Phil is the Service Manager here at Audi Ontario and he is the guy that keeps the service department running so smoothly. He has over 20 years of automotive experience. Phil works long days to keep things in order so your service experience here at Audi Ontario is the best it can be. When he does occasionally sneak away he enjoys spending his time off with family and friends. Some of his favorite things to do are video editing and going on a run.  At heart he is a car guy and his favorite Audi is the Nardo Grey RS5. He loves the sporty features, technology and aggressive sound. Say hello to Phil next time you stop in for service.

Chris Davilia
Service Advisor

Chris is here to assist you with your service needs and to make your visit here at Audi Ontario for service a stress free and enjoyable one. He has 12 years of experience working in the automotive industry, specifically in luxury. Outside of work he enjoys martial arts, horse riding and spending time with friends and family. Say hello to Chris the next time you are in for service or call him to assist you with your service needs.

Miles Frank
Service Advisor

Miles is a young man who is passionate about proving excellent customers service. Miles loves to go out in the perfect weather and enjoy a nice game of golf or hockey whenever he hast he chance. Miles has quite the taste in cars, as his favorite Audi is the RS6 Avant due to its amazing power and unique exterior. To work with a truly extraordinary gentlemen, look no further than Miles at Audi Ontario. 

Vincent Wu
Service Advisor

When you stop in to Audi Ontario for service on your Audi you may have met Vincent. He is one of our service advisors that are here to make sure your car is serviced correctly, efficiently and to your satisfaction. He has worked in several positions within the service department throughout his career in the automotive Industry, from porter to Loaner Car Representative to Service Advisor. Vincent stays very busy here at work so when he gets time off he spends it having fun typically following Formula 1, spending time with his Siberian Husky/ Golden Lab and he also enjoys photography. Give him an Audi to enjoy on his day off and he would choose a RS6 Avant Tribute Edition in Nogaro Blue. Make it a point to introduce yourself the next time you are in.

Alex Wong
Service Advisor