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At Audi Ontario, we serve Los Angeles, Chino, Chino Hills, and Rancho Cucamonga area Audi shoppers with the most convenient customer service and best selection of Audi models. We're proud to introduce an entirely new way to shop--from home! Shopping for a car involved a lot of steps, but with our online express store, we've consolidated all those steps into one fluid process that takes you from one to the next, whether it's picking out your vehicle from our inventory, going over your finance and lease options, finding eligible offers, or estimating your car's trade in value.

There is always a live sales representative available for you to chat with throughout the whole process so you can ask questions, negotiate numbers, and do anything else you might need the same as if you were physically sitting in our showroom.

How it Works:

Select Your Vehicle

Step 1: Choose Your Vehicle

The most fun part about shopping? Picking out your brand new car! With a wide range of luxuriously-appointed options on our lot, you can't go wrong. Take a family SUV like the Q5, Q7, or e-tron® or a sophisticated sedan like the A3, A4, or A6 to conquer the California roads in style. Our used car inventory has ample luxury car options as well. Once you find the vehicle that fits all of your needs, just click on "See Payment Options" to get started.

Choose Offers

Step 2: See Payment Options

With your vehicle picked out, unlock our instant upfront pricing. Take a look at all of the available finance and lease terms and tinker with the numbers to see what works best for you. If you have a trade-in we'll make you an instant cash offer on your car. You can also add protection products at this stage.  

Value Trade

Step 3: Get Your Car Trade-in Value

Stop guessing and get some real numbers to work. Find our what your car is worth with our online trade-in tool. Answer some simple questions about your car's year, make, model, and mileage and you'll get a firm offer within a few business hours. We'll then update your purchase with our best offer and notify you when it is ready for you to review. The offer is redeemable with or without the purchase of a new or used car.

Estimate Payments

Step 4: Credit & Docs

Trade-in or not, we'll need you to complete a credit application and upload a copy of your driver's license and a valid insurance card to proceed with the online buying process. Even for cash buyers, we need to collect a short form (federal requirement). This will allow us to provide you with a final deal sheet based on approved credit and purchase eligibility.

Final Review

Step 5: Final Review

To complete your online express store purchase we will need you to review a final purchase summary with numbers based on your approved credit. Review and accept the final purchase summary and you're ready to schedule your delivery or in-store pickup time!

Select Preferred Appointment

Step 6: Delivery

Now that you've picked out the perfect car, selected the best offer for you, factored in a trade-in, looked over the protection products, and accepted the final purchase summary, all that's left to do is to take delivery. A Delivery Specialist will bring your new car to your doorstep with all of the paperwork ready to sign. Schedule delivery for your home or office. If you have a trade-in, we'll collect that too. Alternatively, arrange a time to pick up your new, or new-to-used car from our dealership. 

Buy a New Audi or Used Car Online

If you have any questions about buying a car from home via the Audi Ontario online Express Store, don't hesitate to contact us at our Audi dealership serving the greater Los Angeles area today. We look forward to making your car-buying process safe, fast, convenient, and online!